Frequently Asked Questions

Even though the same quality materials are used as they are imported from Europe, the reason for the cheaper prices are the considerably lower labour and overhead costs in Turkey. The high currency exchange rate is another reason you will pay less compared to the clinics back home. 

The length of your stay will depend on the kind of treatment you would like to have. All dental treatments we offer can be completed in 7 days. The only exception is implant procedure which two 7 day visits are required due to the two different stages of the treatment.

Our dental experts are as qualified as the dentists in other European countries. The only difference is that are using very modern dental equipment and techniques. There is a high protocol on hygiene, all instruments used by the dental specialist will be sterilized before and after each treatment.

Strength: giving you a strong bite again

Facial Structure: ensuring you maintain your facial features

Natural: a natural bright and youthful smile will shine as you confidently smile

Durability: the implants will last many years, held in place securely with high stability

No Cavities: dental care is still required, however, no decay will appear

It takes around three to six months for dental implants to be fully healed where you can go back to your daily routine without any issues. It can take longer for some patients,  depending on whether bone grafts or sinus lifts were used during the surgery, any other medical condition they may have or improper care following surgery. Smoking can also delay the healing the process.

The Hollywood Smile is a set of teeth tailored to perfect symmetry, shape, and colour which will suit your facial features in the best way. Merging modern technology with the latest cosmetic dentistry methods, our dental specialists will give you the desired glamorous smile. Hollywood Smile can be achieved using  veneers or crowns.

Discoloured or stained teeth

Crooked and damaged teeth

Teeth gaps

Missing teeth

Oddly-shaped teeth

Restoration of damaged teeth

Protection of weakened, cracked, or broken teeth

Cover for a dental implant

Protection for teeth that underwent root canal treatment

Replacement of large filling

Holding dental bridge in place

Surgical extractions are required when your the tooth is buried under the gums and some of the gum tissue or bone need to be removed to take out the damaged teeth. The are is then stitched carefully and left to heal completely. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area which minimises the discomfort of the patient during the removal of the tooth.

Dental Bridges are used to bridge the gap in between teeth. A bridge is commonly made up of two crowns with false tooth or teeth placed in between. Bridges are also referred to  as fixed removable dentures or fixed dental prosthesis. They are attached to your natural teeth or implants for support.

Dental bridges help restore your smile and support the neighbouring teeth so they aren’t misaligned.


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