All-on-4 Dental Implants

A Perfect Solution to Tooth Loss

With so much causes, many people struggle with loose teeth, decayed teeth, or missing teeth and want a solution. You can have a healthy, perfect smile again. Through proper dental treatment and the use of dental implants, it is possible to restore your smile to a natural-looking, gorgeous appearance as well as a much healthier mouth.

At Dental Cosmetic Turkey, we take pride in helping you achieve a healthy, attractive and confident smile. To do this, we will do our best to save your natural teeth and improve their appearance and health. There are instances in which it is not possible to save the existing teeth, or doing so will put you at risk. This is when we’ll encourage you to consider All-on-4 implant-retained bridge.

Why should you consider dental implants such as All-on-4?

Our team at Dental Cosmetic Turkey will provide you with one-on-one support to answer all of your questions. Here are a few key reasons our patients love this solution to tooth loss:

A tremendous improvement over traditional dentures. This solution creates very natural looking teeth that look and function like your natural teeth would as well as helps you maintain your jaw bone volume and density.

  • Get rid of all of your tooth problems. All-on-4 provides you with a comprehensive solution to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • A straightforward procedure; we always ensure you know what to expect from this procedure.
  • You can afford to get your teeth fixed for good. Costs are more manageable than you may realize here in Turkey.
  • This is a permanent solution. With proper maintenance, the longevity of these dental implants is fantastic.
  • In most cases, this procedure provides you with a life-changing solution in one day. In fact, you come in with loose dentures in the morning and will come out with teeth that stay in your mouth!

It is important to understand the pros and cons of the procedure. Look at before and after pictures and explore the reviews you will find for our services. All of this information can give you a better idea of what to expect from this procedure. It’s more detailed than a bridge procedure but offers alternatives to ongoing dental health problems. Get the health care you need and deserve.

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    We Utilize the Latest Technology to Achieve the Best Solution

    At Dental Cosmetic Turkey, we provide All-on-4 treatment to our patients who need it. It’s important to have a dentist you trust to handle this need. Our goal is not to just remove teeth. Rather, we want to help you with a restorative process when it is right for you.

    When you come in to see us, and you have damage to your teeth or bone, or you have missing teeth and ongoing tooth loss, the treatment process begins. With proper radiographs including CT scan, we will examine the condition of your mouth and overall health, discuss what your goals are and how we can help you achieve those in a timely and affordable way. All-on-4 is only one of the solutions we can offer you. We at Dental Cosmetic Turkey encourage you to become informed about your condition and solution before proceeding with any irreversible procedure.

    Are You a Candidate? Who Should Get All-on-4 Implants?

    Each patient has very specific needs. Our goal is to determine the best solution for you. We may recommend All-on-4 implants to those who have specific needs including those that:

    • Have a significant amount of decay; if your teeth are much damaged and we cannot save them, we will recommend this type of solution for you.
    • If you have severe gum disease, especially if that gum disease is more advanced or otherwise untreatable, we may recommend this procedure for you as well.
    • Individuals who have other health problems and need to remove infection or damage right away, such as those who are undergoing chemotherapy, may be a candidate for this procedure.
    • Individuals who are unable to see significant benefits from restoring the teeth or those who cannot have teeth restored.

    What Are the Advantages of All-on-4?

    Every patient should look at all of the pros and cons of this procedure and others. It is our goal to help you to learn how All-on-4 can help you. There are many benefits to using this particular type of dental implant solution. Here are some of them:

    • You get to have healthy, new teeth in a very short amount of time.
    • You will improve your appearance in a short amount of time. You will gain confidence from this procedure.
    • You will get rid of all types of health issues from which you are currently suffering including gum disease.
    • You’ll get a long-lasting smile, one you simply love looking at and showing off to those around you.
    • You can eat what you want. You no longer have the same type of limitations you once did.
    • It becomes easier to care for your teeth. You can take pride in keeping them looking fantastic.
    • You enjoy better mouth feel. You can feel warm foods again and improve your overall taste.

    All-on-4 or Conventional Dental Implants?

    At Dental Cosmetic Turkey, we provide you with the best solution for your needs. We do not force you or push you towards the wrong option. Instead, we want you to make the best decision for your needs. For this reason, when you come during the first consultation, we’ll discuss all ways to preserve and restore your teeth. If this is not possible, then we will discuss all types of dental implants.

    Which option is right for you?

    This isn’t a simple decision. It is our duty to educate and give you all information about which options fit your needs. The decision is based on the condition of your mouth and teeth. All-on-4 can be implanted more strategically. For those who have a significant amount of work or have lost most of their teeth (or need to have them removed), this solution tends to be less painful and less overall invasive.
    We highly recommend you to learn more about All-on-4 and the dental implant services our team can offer to you. Call Dental Cosmetic Turkey now, our patient care team will be more than happy to help you.

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