Our teeth are naturally yellow, but you’d never see it in films or on those gleaming toothpaste advertisements. The pearly white smiles shown on television are often the product of complete dental makeovers dubbed Hollywood Smile Makeovers. If you want a whiter, brighter smile, Dental Cosmetic Turkey offers a variety of cheap procedures. In one week, the Hollywood Smile makeover may be accomplished. Three or four visits will be necessary throughout this time frame to complete the therapy effectively.

How do you define a Hollywood Smile?

In essence, a Hollywood smile is a smile that seems whiter than a genuine smile. Dentists may offer a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that will enhance the natural color of your teeth. Hollywood smile treatments are intended to enhance the look of teeth and are not recommended for people with diagnosable dental diseases.

Hollywood smile makeovers are not limited to correcting tooth shading. These procedures are also effective for correcting cosmetic issues such as crooked teeth. If your dental concerns are mostly cosmetic, a Hollywood smile makeover may be right for you.

Our Hollywood smile treatments may significantly enhance the look of teeth in comparison to at-home tooth whitening solutions. These cosmetic techniques are quite safe and do not involve surgery. Certain procedures may be completed in a single dental appointment. With regular dental care, the results might endure a long time.

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Veneers for a Hollywood Smile

Veneers may be applied if the patient’s dentition is typically healthy, well-aligned, and all teeth are present. Veneers may be used to conceal discolored and stained teeth, to keep balance between teeth and lips, to compensate for size inconsistencies, and to close gaps between teeth.

Crowns and Bridges for a Hollywood Smile

This procedure is given as a backup to veneers in the event that the patient does not match the requirements. The patient’s teeth must be in excellent condition on at least half of their teeth. Bridges may be used to replace one or two lost teeth.

Cost of Hollywood Smile

At Dental Cosmetic Turkey, obtaining a Hollywood smile is simple, safe, and very inexpensive. In Western European and North American nations, dental items such as veneers and crowns are prohibitively costly. In Turkey, we can have the same high-quality items at a much lower price. Additionally, we keep expenses low by creating items in-house and decreasing the number of required trips.

The Steps to Getting a Hollywood Smile

A Hollywood grin is a technique that takes several sessions to complete. The dentist will do a comprehensive examination of the patient’s teeth and jaw during first consultation session. If you have cavities, infections, or gum disease, your first priority should be to treat the problem before moving on to a Hollywood. Following therapy, an impression of the patient’s mouth is taken by having the patient bite down on a mold. After that, the measurements and imprints are sent

to an off-site laboratory, where the structures are created. Your dentist will set an appointment to place your Hollywood smile once the units are available.

How to Care for Yourself After the Surgery

Maintaining your Hollywood Smile necessitates regular oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and antibacterial mouthwash should all be resumed. Similarly, you must ensure that food particles do not remain behind the veneers, as this will degrade the quality of your Hollywood Smile.

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