Many people from other countries go to Turkey for teeth whitening operations. Our cosmetic dentistry professionals at Dental Cosmetic Turkey can deliver teeth whitening in roughly an hour utilizing the most advanced ‘Teeth Whitening’ dental technology. Our dentist will clean and examine the patient’s teeth during the treatment. After protecting the patient’s gums, a tooth whitening gel is administered to the teeth. The gel is then exposed to the world-renowned laser teeth whitening light using cutting-edge technology and under the supervision of our dentist. This procedure has been shown to whiten teeth by three or four shades.

Tooth color varies across individuals. Smoking tobacco, frequent tea, coffee, and acidic beverage drinking, and a lack of dental cleanliness and care may all contribute to tooth yellowing or staining. Dental color differences may also be caused by anatomical problems in the womb or throughout youth, or by long-term pharmaceutical usage. Laser whitening is the most efficient and cost-effective method in any of these instances.

In certain severe circumstances, the patient may be required to utilize an at-home whitening therapy in conjunction with laser whitening at our facility. In such circumstances, our cosmetic dentists will be able to explain how to administer and store the gel in collaboration with our laboratory technicians.

There are two possible causes of stained teeth.

Coloration of the Interior

If the patient is unable to attain whiter teeth despite adhering to a regular oral and dental health regimen (such as brushing and flossing), the discoloration is most likely caused by numerous drugs, a congenital problem, or antibiotic usage.

External Pigmentation

Teeth staining and yellowing may be a result of poor dental hygiene, smoking, and regular use of tea, coffee, and acidic and sugary drinks.

Patients prefer to have their teeth whitening process performed under the supervision of a dentist at our clinic for faster results. However, the most successful approach is a mix of clinic and home therapy. Additionally, our clinic offers the famous laser teeth whitening technique, which is the newest advancement in dental science.

Teeth Whitening using a Laser

This whitening procedure is conducted in approximately an hour by the dentist in the clinic. Whitening, removal of all tartar from the teeth, tartar, and so on. It starts with the meticulous removal of residues and spot cleansing. The procedure is then followed by the application of a whitening chemical to the surface of your teeth. UV (ultraviolet) light or a laser is used to activate the applied whitening substance, which is then kept on the tooth for a period of time. Following that, it is cleaned with water. The treatment outcomes vary depending on the original colour of the teeth and the degree of darkening, yellowing, or staining prior to bleaching, but the colour shift is visible after only one whitening session. This is the more common procedure since the effects are instantaneous and more effective than office bleaching.

Dental Cosmetic Turkey, always attentive to our patients’ needs, now offers the globally acclaimed Tooth Whitening procedure. This one-of-a-kind whitening experience is administered by our cosmeticians after a complete cleaning of the patient’s teeth and may lighten the patient’s teeth by three or four shades.

Aftercare for tooth whitening

Following the whitening operation, the patient must abstain from smoking and dark staining liquids – such as tea, coffee, and red wine – as well as meals like cakes and strawberries for at least two months. Failure to do so will result in bad reactions and additional discoloration of the teeth.

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