The CEREC Machining Process

During your Implants and Crown procedures, we ensure the latest and best technology is used, CEREC technology is the best technique in restorative and reconstructive dentistry available. Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible while providing you with the most accurate, fastest, and best treatment possible.

Step 1: Scan – After your dentist has taken an impression, our laboratory scans it into the SmileDesign software digitally recreating your current dentition.

Step 2: Design – Using the digital representation, we can effectively build a computerized model to meet every need. The advantage of a computerized draft of the crowns is that we can make precise adjustments before the computer fabrication, this allows us to save time and give you the fastest and best results.

Step 3: Milling/ Grinding – Our CEREC processes the digital representation, produces it with the highest accuracy using Zirconia, and precisely creates the perfect smile. The production is extremely accurate, it produces the smoothest surfaces, the best edges, and creates minute fissures to mimic the natural look of teeth.

Step 4: Finishing – The final process of the CEREC machine is finishing, polishing, and fine tuning the crowns. Our 100% Zirconia crowns not only look like natural teeth, but they also feel natural and can last a lifetime if you treat them like natural teeth. We guarantee all our crowns for 15 years, if there are any complications, cracks, or breaks we will replace them any time.