Dental Crowns are used to cover damaged, broken, discoloured or misshaped teeth. In most cases they are used to perfect existing teeth aesthetically but are also applied to bridge missing teeth or as a cover for implants. They are perfect for shaping as desired by dentists to meet different preferences of patients, they also come with a choice of 20 different shades to choose from which allows matching made easy for any procedure.

Zirconium is found in nature as a silvery-white transparent solid element.

Once the pure mineral state is combined with oxygen, it is transformed into zirconium ceramic and processed in special furnaces (CAD-CAM technology).

Zirconium is in the class of metal unsupported crowns and has a more natural and aesthetic appearance compared to metal supported crowns.

There are two kinds of dental crowns. Metal-supported and Metal-unsupported.

As a result of the patients’ desire for a more aesthetic and natural appearance, dentists have started to use zirconium-based tooth coatings more frequently in their treatments.

Since it is natural and aesthetically more desirable, It is commonly used for the front teeth.


The most important advantage of zirconium tooth coating is that it transmits more light compared to other metal-supported crowns.

Due to this feature, a dark colour does not occur in the gums and the blackness formed by metal-supported porcelain coatings on the edge of the gum does not form.

Zirconium Dental Crowns are much stronger and more durable than metal crowns.

More Advantages of Zirconium Crowns

  • Zirconia has been used in dentistry for over seventy years. During the time it has been in use there have been no reported allergic reactions or adverse effects. Zirconium crowns are gum-friendly, as well as their aesthetic and natural appearance.
  • The Gum disease rate is lower in teeth with zirconium crowns compared to metal-supported crowns as they are Nickel and Mercury free, and tissue friendly.
  • Zirconium crowns eliminate hot or cold sensitivity, due to the anti-allergic structure while minimize staining on teeth due to smoking or coloured foods.
  • Zirconia crowns are stronger than PFTC (Porcelain Fused Titanium Cobalt, otherwise known as PFM or Metal Backed), and stronger than natural teeth.

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